Collyer House, Haast Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Neroli runs an accommodation lodge in Haast and had been using a very dated AA hosted website to promote her business. Neroli is a fantastic photographer and so the new website features all her photographs of the stunning South Westland region to highlight what an amazing place to visit, and a great accommodation option for visitors at Collyer House. I also rejigged her dated logo as a bonus.

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Chosen – Liz Maluschnig Wanaka Wedding Celebrant

Celebrant Liz Maluschnig had put together a WIX website a number of years ago and it was looking a bit tired. She had ideas for a new layout but wasn’t confident in being able to create that look so asked me to help.

I was initially a bit reticent to work with WIX as I did not think WIX websites worked well with search engines but after a bit of research found that the principles of good content is what gets you the SEO ratings and Google did not differentiate the platform that the website was created on. It was fun creating Liz’s new website and you can see from the results that the new website came out looking pretty good!

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Saskia van der Geest

Saskia approached me to transfer her website to a new hosting platform as her previous hosting people were charging huge amounts to host her website annually for not doing anything.

I moved the website onto a WordPress platform so she is now able to more easily edit the website. She was not wanting a complete redesign at this stage but I made a few small but significant changes including bold call to action buttons to guide people through the website.  As well I  improved some key Search Engine areas of the site that had been neglected.

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63b Pop Up Christmas Shop

Maxine and Zoe wanted to set up a better ordering system for their annual Xmas Hams and other goodies that they sell immediately prior to Christmas. Rather than re-inventing the wheel (at more cost) I used Google Forms to create a nice looking order form for prospective buyers to fill in. The data is output to a spreadsheet that makes it easy for Zoe to see when the hams need to go in the oven!

Note the form is just active leading up to the Xmas period.