Website Pricing

A new website need not cost you the earth. In the early days of website design and development there was a lot more work involved in setting up a a website. With Content Management Systems like WordPress & WIX, it is much faster to set up a website and much easier for the client to update the website. In the past people were charged huge amounts for an ecommerce website, but with Shopify it can be a relatively fast process and it is not hard to run the Eshop once it is set up.

A website developer has the skills to customise WordPress/WIX/Shopify etc templates in order to get the overall webpage look that the client wants and then the website can be handed over to the client to manage (if they want to) which saves money. There can be costs for professional plugins that add extra features.

SpiderWeb Design works with your business branding or we can start from scratch.

Website pricing schedules include:

  • 1 off initial design and website set up fee (can range from $800 to $2000+…)
  • Website and domain name hosting fee – up to $250 per annum (you are welcome to host elsewhere if you want). This fee includes small text updates to your site if needed and wordpress updates as required throughout the year if you host with SpiderWeb Design
  • More significant website updates – based on an hourly rate
  • Tuition in maintaining the website (if needed) – based on an hourly rate
  • No work done to the site – no charge to you (outside of the annual hosting fees)
The initial design and set up fee always includes:
  • a responsive website design – meaning your new website looks great across all devices – tablets, laptops, mobile phones
  • on page Search Engine Optimisation
  • a Content Management System engine in the background, meaning future changes are quicker to implement

WordPress websites?

WordPress is an Open Source content management system. This means that the software that drives the website is free to anyone to use to set their website up on. A website set up on a WordPress platform allows clients to edit their website easily.

Search engines like to see fresh content so if a client is active in updating content, adding blog content then search engine rankings will be better than if nothing happens to the site.

AND what about WIX?

WIX is a website creation platform where the hosting stays with WIX and cannot be hosted elsewhere. I used to be a bit dismissive of WIX websites but I have come around to the conclusion that they are great for smaller brochure style websites or blogs & if set up properly can rank well with Search Engines

There is a skill to getting the look you want but a friendly Content Management System to update the site -talk to me today about helping you with your WIX website

I want an online shop..

Shopify is a website creation platform that allows you to sell online. Like WIX there is a skill to getting the website customised to your brand but compared to the ‘old days’ of website design and development it takes a lot less time to get your online shop up and running – and therefore a lot cheaper.

Once set up it is easy to add/remove/change products. Talk to SpiderWeb Design today about your online business idea.