Website Pricing

Website Pricing

Website pricing does not need to cost you the earth. While some website design companies may sound cheaper you have to look closer..

Free Website design with Content Management  – $99 per month

Now that sounds a good deal – a CMS website designed for free. But wait – each year you have to pay $1188. Aside from annual website hosting costs (see below) SpiderWeb Design of Wanaka charges for work done when it is done.

Website pricing schedule involves;

  • 1 off design and website set up fee (can range from $800 to $2000+.. how long is a piece of string!)
  • Website and domain name hosting fee – up to $250 per annum (you are welcome to host elsewhere if you want). This fee includes small text updates to your site if needed if you host with SpiderWeb Design.
  • More significant website updates – based on an hourly rate
  • No work done to the site – no charge to you outside of the annual hosting fees

The initial design and set up fee always includes responsive design, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Analytics, Google Places and usually a Content Management System. We work with your business branding or we can start from scratch. This is why there is a range in the upfront costing.

WordPress websites – a good thing?

WordPress is an Open Source content management system. This means that the software that drives  the website is free to anyone to use to set their website up on.  A website set up on a WordPress platform allows clients to edit their website easily. As search engines like to see fresh content then if a client is active in updating content, search engine rankings will be better than if nothing happens to the site.

Responsive websites

Does your website look good on a smartphone? Is the mobile version of your website easy to use? Google search engines are set up to penalise websites that are not responsive to different sized mobile devices. If your website was set up a few years ago then there is a good chance it needs to be updated to view well on mobile devices.

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